SprayBus™ - Multifunctional Jet Spray

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Color:  Dynamic Green
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“​​This nozzle has many spray options, I've used it for cement cleaning, car wash, and pet bathing. Worked great for everything! The foam spray was perfect, instructions were pretty clear.” 

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Keeping cars clean can be both tiring and time-consuming due to the many steps of wetting, foaming, cleaning, rinsing and drying the vehicle. This often results in feeling exhausted after washing the car which is not only tedious but also inefficient. The long-term effects of this laborious washing method can cause aches and pains and take a physical toll on the body.

The SprayBus™ features 8 spray patterns, a soap dispenser and flow control that makes cleaning vehicles and pets effortlessWith the SprayBus™, take the hassle out of washing cars by combining multiple steps into one. Experience the new way of cleaning vehicles that is quick and convenient, saving time and effort while protecting the car paintwork.





8 SPRAY MODES: Select from 8 different spray modes depending on the stage of washing. The SprayBus™ saves water and energy over a traditional bucket car wash

✅ BUILT-IN SOAP DISPENSER: The SprayBus™ allows soap and water to be combined with a built-in dispenser. Save time by merging 2 steps into 1 for a speedier wash. 

✅ FLOW CONTROL: Featuring flow control technology, SprayBus™ enables precise control of water pressure. This ensures soap water is sprayed evenly for uniform cleaning.

✅ MULTI-PURPOSE: Compatible with most tap connectors, the SprayBus™ is an all-in-one washing device. Save money by having one tool for cleaning cars, pets and even gardening.


We understand how tiring and troublesome it can be when washing cars, especially when regular cleaning is required. It can be frustrating when there are multiple steps and tools to prepare just to keep the car clean and well-maintained.  According to a recent survey, 4 in 10 people are too lazy to wash their own car because it is inconvenient and takes too much time.

With the SprayBus™, say goodbye to the long and arduous car wash process which can be backbreaking and tiring. The SprayBus™ provides a quick and convenient way to clean vehicles by combining multiple steps into one. Enjoy a revolutionary way to maintain your ride with this sleek, portable device that is perfect for washing cars, boats, motorcycles and pets!


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(1) X SprayBus™, Color of your choice


Suitable for 3/4 inch male adapter garden hose.


QN: Does the SprayBus™ come with an adapter?

ANS: Yes, it comes with a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch adapter.

QN: Does the SprayBus™ come with a hose?

ANS: No, it does not.